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He wants to ride a black stallion on the beach in the wind, but he's not mad about horses. Sex with this person is like being on a merry-go-round of pleasure. Mind you, the erotic temperament of Aquarians born in Rat years is very uneven.

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So you won't be in the amusement park every day of the week. But when you are, it's pure paradise. This creature understands so much about human beings and about life and well.. Get your own personal chapter from Suzanne White's page New Astrology book. Find out who you are in love, sex, family and career. Note: Your most compatible New Astrology sign's chapter is available too! The Chinese have divided time differently from us.

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We have year centuries, the Chinese have periods of sixty years. We divide our centuries into ten decades. At the end of each twelve-year period the Chinese cycle begins anew. In the actual season he only scores 1 goal at half time last year: 20 in the whole season of the actual season. Knee is bond to humility, I have read. All of them NN Aquarius Thanks for your comment! The South Node is the thing you most want in the whole world.

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In this particular case, the desire that causes suffering is for validation as a unique and special individual with unique and special talents. I am not sure I have the answer, but here are a few thoughts I had in response to your comments —. I can see why social networks would be appealing since water has to do so much feeling and relating. Water is also self-absorbed, so I can see how the Aquarian North Node would be especially hard to reach. Aquarius asks us to detach and not put ourselves first all the time.

You mention discussing what love is, and I think caring is a good approach to take. Venus-Pluto in Scorpio is obsessive, to say the least, but they usually focus on one person with that energy, so maybe you can make some headway in all the other relationships outside of the obsessive one.

The issue of self-sabotage comes up a lot with Eighth House South Nodes. Typically, the universe conspires to show you that fame and popularity are shallow and fleeting, and the more you have the more you will want. Finally, a person realizes that it will never be enough. When we talk about life cycles, about limits and failures, about career ups and downs, Saturn is more often implicated. With professional athletes — as with all young people — one must watch for the Saturn Return.

Saturn determines when and how. Saturn is also the thing that takes you off your path.

What is it that makes this worthwhile for you? What are some goals you can set and achieve that will be meaningful to you personally? The idea would be to make the work of being a professional athlete meaningful and personal and challenging without it being about fame and accolades.

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What if your north node in Aquarius has been intercepted? Yep, I am a cancer with virgo rising taurus moon and mercury in gemini and leo placements in both venus and mars… North node in aquarius south node in leo.. So melodramatic so controlling of my relationships it has almost surely been the cause of much distress, as if I am always expecting to be treated a certain way. I constantly feel like im trying to fight what my south node gives me, since in a way it directly opposes what my objective north node in aqua brings.. The only real problem I see is that I can never feel comfortable taking any compliments or owning up to my own achievements because I feel guilty and also that I self sabotage my own accomplishments to not get personal or egotistical confirmation of my correct actions even when they are leading me to my north node objective.

They say a healthy deal of isolationism solves this for SN Leo people, and I have done it, it pains us to feel alone and abandoned even by your own choice since you always feel you deserve to be praised be it relationships of love or friendship. I was the guy who couldnt go to the club and not be approached by at least one other person, if i didnt, anger resentment and even insecurities flourished like a well watered garden.

I am currently dealing with it after a toxic relationship filled with mistrust and lies, I pushed everyone and everything I was away to get the so called perspective of being one more of the crowd instead of always thinking I was there to leave a mark. That has recently begun bringing me closer to people I was already close with but when blinded by ego I saw their accomplishments even in my life as mine to claim. I am now seeking a career as an EMT as I feel I can give back to the whole while still taking some incredible damage to my psyche which is enough sacrifice to destroy that ego despite hidden it is great within me , after that I plan to seek a humanitarian cause of some sorts to open up my eyes and soul to the fact that just as in relations, you cannot control every outcome to be favorable towards your view and you cannot force your hand on anything, for even if you could the outcome would not be satisfactory, since as in the past life it would have been too easy or fake by the ones giving the confirmation of your great ego.

It is a tough placement and im sure the venus and mars in leo do not help, since the way I have fun and seek relationships is basically always based on being praised in some way which is extremely against the true objective. And as with everything else, balance is key, learning how to own your accomplishments without making your ego feel great and expecting more greatness with no work seems to be the trend.

And also guilt, when we feel guilt we self destruct as quickly as we rose. I had never heard that before. I see your point. My thoughts as I was reading your post run contradictory to the conclusion you draw at the end in some ways, but I will share them anyway in case they are helpful. Venus and Mars in Leo. You mention others have thought you an asshole until they got to know you.

Some interesting social commentary has been done on what an asshole is. Leo is exceptional, and, of course, immune to criticism and other social obligations. The sun gives life. Down to her core, she is a nonconformist. Therefore, traditional gifts are out as well. Truly, she values simple things like good conversation and an afternoon working at a soup kitchen. If you want to spoil her, surprise her with something unusual like bungee jumping or a short trip to somewhere exotic. She may not be the marrying kind, but if she lets you in, she will be a fun, fascinating partner in life. Aquarius zodiac sign is a complicated sign when it comes to sexuality.

For Aquarius, sex should be a fun adventure. They enjoy trying new things and most of all, they love independence. Absence is just as significant as presence. The Aquarius man sexually is about as open-minded as one can be. If you can think of something unusual to try, he is all for it.

In fact, it is difficult to offend him. It is best to keep up with him, however. He wants his fair share of attention and sees sex as a two-way street. One thing that separates Aquarius zodiac man sexually from most signs is his insistence on keeping sex and emotion completely separate. In fact, it is simply an exercise for him almost exclusively. He can go long periods of time without intimacy. The Aquarius woman sexually is a great deal of fun to be with, but very difficult to get close to.

She views sex as a healthy, physical activity, but little more. That is not to say that she is boring in the bedroom — far from it! Variety and intrigue are the hallmarks of her sex life. She has just like the need for variety as her male counterpart, and that includes alone time. The last thing she wants is syrupy sweet nothings whispered in her ear or long cuddling sessions.

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The Aquarius woman sexually wants to have fun and try new things. Do your best to be flexible for her sake. Try coming up with ideas on your own. Make sure she is just as happy at the end as you are. The Aquarius parent can be entertaining, peculiar, and just like having a grown-up friend. They may also be unpredictable, unavailable, and unapproachable when kids need an adult parent. Because Aquarians are so youthful and current in their views, there are rarely generation gaps between parents and children, even into the teen years. This makes for excellent communication, which is vital, but children and teens need emotional support as well.

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Emotions are complicated for Aquarius parents to understand, let alone share. This will help their children feel safer in the world. Aquarius fathers are unsurprisingly eccentric and unpredictable. This makes them a great deal of fun, but not so good at creating boundaries.

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He loves having smart, impish children, and he encourages nonconformist thoughts and appearances. A child wants a purple mohawk? Go for it! A teen wants to wear second-hand plaid pants, a floral shirt, striped socks of different colors , and a clashing hat? Anything to make a statement. Even better if the items were delivered locally or through fair trade practices.

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Things are great when the children are happy. That is the best word to describe the Aquarius mother. She does love her children, in her way. She may not come out and say it, but because she believes in making people feel valuable and worthwhile, she views her children as no different.

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They usually do not lack for self-esteem or confidence. Aquarius mother loves to share her views and knowledge with her children as well as her sense of adventure. On the downside, her fickle nature and lack of boundaries can cause confusion and unease in her children. They need some stability as well as fun in their lives. Aquarius children are very bright and require constant stimulation, whether it is books, sports, music, or other things to keep them active.

If not, you may find them taking apart small appliances to see how they work. This sign makes acquaintances very quickly but shies away from close bonds. The last thing an Aquarius zodiac sign wants is an exercise regimen that requires a learning curve and too much thought.

Thinking should be left open to loftier ideas! That being said, you need to stay in motion. Small things you can do throughout the day are helpful, such as taking micro-breaks from sitting at your desk, doing a little stretching or walking up and down the hall, and taking the stairs instead of the elevator are all helpful for circulation. For more action, try martial arts. You can still be social that way. To mix things up a bit, try throwing in resistance bands , a medicine ball , or even laps in the pool.