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Ceres, like Pluto, is technically a dwarf planet by astronomical classification but is also considered an asteroid; Ceres is the largest of the asteroids. In , an Italian priest and astronomer named Giuseppe Piazzi sighted what he initially thought was a comet, but which later turned out to be an asteroid.

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Piazzi lived in Palermo and chose to name his discovery after Ceres, the Roman Goddess of Agriculture, who was thought to originate in Sicily. Astrologically, asteroid Ceres bears a close resemblance to her Goddess equivalent. Ceres, or Demeter in Greek mythology, was the Goddess of Agriculture who delivered the gift of grain to humanity and was commonly depicted with wheat in her hand. Ceres is most famous for her timeless story of love, loss, and redemption involving her beloved daughter Persephone.

Asteroid Ceres has particular ties in Astrological interpretation to food complexes, whether that results in self-denial or self-indulgence; both polarities can be a way to suppress a perceived lack of nurturance.

Pallas , Astrology Lesson by Bob Marks

As one of the great mothers of mythology, asteroid Ceres can also help describe the nature of our relationship to our mother or mother figure, as well as how that relationship manifested psychologically: did we receive the nurturing we needed? Could we count on our mother figure to understand and meet those needs? Challenging aspects to Ceres can create issues of low self-esteem and difficulty overcoming the psychological impact of our mothering experience.


Although asteroid Pallas was likely first sighted in , it was not properly discovered until when a German astronomer, Heinrich Olbers, found her lurking in the night sky near asteroid Ceres. While the asteroid is commonly called Pallas, an alternative name for this asteroid is Pallas-Athena. The mythological goddess Athena strongly correlates with the astrological significance of asteroid Pallas. She was renowned for her wisdom and strategic skill, as well as her connection to healing. Pallas in Aries is the athlete, the pioneer, and the trailblazer. Billie Jean King is an excellent example of this Pallas archetype.

Chart 2 shows that she has Pallas in Aries in the second house opposing the Moon and Neptune in Libra in her eighth house. The female players were underpaid and under-valued compared to the male professional tennis players.

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In an effort to have their demands recognized she agreed to participate in a Battle of the Sexes match with Bobby Riggs. King accepted the challenge when Pallas was rising to her Midheaven by transit, and beat him shortly after Pallas had crossed her MC Chart 3. Shortly after Ms.

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I will forever be grateful for choosing a lecture at U. Wells was an investigative journalist, teacher and a leader early into the civil rights movement. She spent most of her adult life fighting racism and sexism and trying to put a stop to violence against African Americans. Pallas has an important placement in her chart Chart 4. I do not have a time so I used a noon time chart, but this does not dilute the potency of Pallas.

Pallas completes a cardinal t-square with an opposition to her Moon, Neptune, and Mars in Aries, while Mercury in Cancer is at the apex of the aspect pattern. When I first saw her chart, Pallas was not displayed. As I heard her life being described- her passionate fight for equal rights and a desire to stop violence, and specifically lynching, I was surprised to see nothing in Libra. Then I pulled her natal chart and saw her Pallas placement. While Mars is the final dispositor of her natal chart, the opposition to Pallas in Libra and square to Mercury in Cancer give her Mars placement meaning and purpose.

Wells life changed forever. The conductor asked her to remove herself to the car relegated for the African American passengers and she refused to leave. She sued the train company and won, but the decision was over turned by the Supreme Court. This experienced sparked her to write about issues of race and injustice and altered the trajectory of her life.

Chart 5 shows the transits for the day of Ms. Pallas is conjunct Pluto and Mercury in Gemini is making sextiles and trines to her natal Pallas opposition, while transiting Venus at zero Cancer is square her natal Moon , lighting up her entire natal t-square. Having both natal Mercury and transiting Mercury involved while natal Pallas and transiting Pallas are triggering natal Moon and Mars in Aries, writing to fight against inequality is a perfect expression.


Being an activist for the fairness and treatment of women and African Americans is an ideal expression of these combined natal aspects and transits. These particular women are remarkable manifestations of the Pallas ideals, both natally and through transit.

The asteroid Pallas in natal astrology can bring an extra layer to a chart when considering questions of purpose and ideologies, and I look forward to witnessing where her message takes us in the future.

To take a comprehensive look at Pallas in astrology — by sign, house and planetary relationship- I recommend Asteroid Goddesses- Demetra George and Douglas Bloch. Pallas in Action Chart 2 Pallas in Aries is the athlete, the pioneer, and the trailblazer. Chart 4 Pallas completes a cardinal t-square with an opposition to her Moon, Neptune, and Mars in Aries, while Mercury in Cancer is at the apex of the aspect pattern.